Where are the Brandwood Forum Community Noticeboards?

Please let your neighbours know about our meetings and look at our local noticeboards and website for other community  information and news.
Our Brandwood Forum Community noticeboards are at the following sites
1) Vicarage Road(opposite the Post Office)
2) Druids Heath Library (to the right of the main entrance)
3) Yarningale Road Costcutters ( on the grass)
4) Alcester Road Tescos ( residents say its been installed the wrong way round… I might be able to change this at some point)
5) Board Lane Shops ( opposite the Chippy)
Subject to funding…we will be installing two more noticeboards- Allenscroft Road and at Marsham shops( If you know of anywhere else which may be better- please let me, Chair Karen Osborne  know) email brandwoodforum@hotmail.co.uk

Kings Heath Post Office to move …have your say!

 Do you know that Kings Heath Post Office is going to be moved from its present home to WHSmith instead? Although this long-standing, well-used and vital local service is not in Brandwood ward, it is certainly used by many Brandwood residents.

A consultation is being carried out by the Post Office and you can send them your views. You can pick up a leaflet at the Post Office to find out more, or just write to them at comments@postoffice.co.uk.

I’m a resident of Brandwood ward, and these are my concerns about the proposed move:-

1) There will be a reduction from 8 to 4 serving positions. This is particularly worrying. With a halving of resources, how will it be possible to provide anything like the current level of service? Imagine how long the queues will be!

2) My understanding is that none of the existing PO staff will be going to the new premises at WHSmith. So the employment of WHSmith staff rather than specially-trained and long-serving, experienced PO staff is of great concern.

3) It is indicated that the new branch will provide ‘the same wide range of products and services’. But I believe that there are some facilities that are only available in the larger PO branches, so I wonder whether the smaller version of the Kings Heath branch will no longer qualify for some of these services. 

4) What will happen to the current building? It’s an important focal point for this end of Kings Heath and its loss will be very significant for other shops in this part of the locality. Will we end up with yet another empty space in our neighbourhood?

Although this PO branch is not in Brandwood ward, many Brandwood residents must use it. It is a thriving and essential service in Kings Heath; its removal and down-sizing must have serious adverse effects on the community – both to its residents and to local businesses.


I hope you will join me in asking for this decision to be reversed. 

Jane Woddis, Brandwood Resident

The Spearhead Trust at Bells Farm, Brandwood

The Spearhead Trust at Bells Farm offer a variety of activities, training and support for young people, families and senior citizens.

For more information please click this link http://www.spearheadtrust.org.uk

User groups include
Rethink Mental illness support Group has been using Bells Farm as a meeting venue to support people who have gone through the struggle of breakdowns
and other causes of excessive stress problems . Tuesday 11-1pm  www.rethink.org
The Labour Party have been meeting at the farmhouse for as long as I can remember and Councillors with the party have been very supportive of the that take place here. We are here for the community and if the Labour Party
meet.  2nd Thursday each month.  www.labour.org.uk
The Home of the Free Church has been meeting here for several years now, it plays a vital role in partnership with us in reaching the community. The Church supports families on the estate financially and practically and is all
increasing the quality of life for all. Contact www.homeofthefree.org.uk
The Conservative Party have been holding surgeries at the farmhouse for a couple of years now on a monthly basis, again they has been very helpful and
supportive in what we do. Conservative Surgery:
1st Thursday each month    6:30-7:30pm     www.conservatives.com
Druids Heath Management Forum have been meeting at Bells Farm for over ayear now. Representatives from the  council, local schools, local police, local
community and other professionals come together to discuss way to improve Druids Heath, both for the area and the residents.
The Aquarius Group have been meeting on a weekly basis for about 6 months now. It is necessary to have them on board and they play a vital part in the wrap around service we provide.   Tuesdays 9:30-11.30am    www.aquarius.org.uk
The Sweet {Social Work Education Experience Training} Project have been working with us in our Family Support for over a year now. They supply trainee Social Workers who work on placement with us at a grass root level
for their experience.

Contact information:

Bells farm
The Spearhead Trust at Bells Farmhouse
Bells Farm Close
Druids Heath
Birmingham West Midlands B14 5QP England

Phone Numbers:

Office 0121 433 3532
Mobile 0788 529 6675

The Brandwood Centre Activities for people with learning difficulties

We offer an extensive range of interesting and fun activities to suit people with learning difficulties and specialise in activities which encourage movement and competition. We can provide help for you to take part in available activities of your choice.

This group is based at the Brandwood Centre and provides social activities for adults with learning difficulties. The service is provided by qualified staff in a safe friendly environment – hot & cold snacks available at affordable prices.

Open every day  Mornings 10-12.30 costs £5.00  Afternoons 12.30-3 costs £5.00

Please contact us,  Lea or Ellen 07794565527 or email activeleisureuk@talktalk.net website:www.activeleisureuk.co.uk

Brandwood Centre 157 Allenscroft Road, B14 6RP on the number 35 bus route with links to bus numbers 11,18 and 50. There is a car park at the back.

To check out other activities and services provided at the Brandwood Centre please check out www.brandwoodcentre@yahoo.co.uk    Or ring Patricia Watson 0121 443 3310

Public Question Time at City Council : Plans to regulate Private Landlords?

I was invited to ask my  question to the City Council Meeting 12th June.

My question is whether or not the City Council had any plans to develop new laws which will help regulate private landlords ie responsible letting .

Currently, if anti social tenants are in social housing, then neighbours have a right to complain to the Social Landlord . For private home owners, who find themselves living next door to a privately rented house with anti social tenants , they have very little power or means to complain unless the property is let by an agency.

I speak from experience, having had several years of series of anti social tenants who moved into a house next door: I actually put my house on the market because I felt so distraught with the situation and powerless to do anything. Eventually the tenants moved out but I live in trepidation as to who the next tenants will be….

This seems a totally unfair situation: that private landlords are not  held responsible for 1)behaviour of tenants 2) upkeep of property/garden .

I personally believe that this issue is one which  affects many people lives and one which if the City Council did try to resolve, would really help the overall quality of lives for 1000’s of homeowners currently suffering  in Birmingham.

Councillor James McKay responded with sincerity and has invited me to the Council Hosue to discuss the isssue more. I will keep residents posted!