Question Time with Police & Crime Commissioner 28th March


Owing to growing local concerns regarding crimes and community safety, Moseley, Kings Heath and Brandwood Resident Forums invite you to:

Question Time with Police & Crime Commissioner – David Jamieson

***Open to residents in Moseley, Kings Heath, Brandwood areas***

Doors Open 7pm to start prompt at 7.30pm


First hour will be pre submitted questions to the PCC based on concerns raised in local areas. There will be some time for questions from the floor

To ensure we can accommodate as many people as possible please request tickets below to reserve your place.

Please let us know your access or communication needs by the 19th March 2018. We will do our best to meet these.

Parking will be available on site for priority needs. This will be limited and we encourage people to travel by other means. Queensbridge school is 5 minutes walk from the High Street Car parks. Please do not park on the pavements around the school.

Please submit potential questions/issues to the email below (please note we can’t deal with individual complaints) by 20th March 2018 or ring 07814314609

OFF ROAD BIKES – PUBLIC MEETING Billesley Police Station Monday 27th June 7pm


Monday 27th June at 7pm


Yardley Wood Road, B13 0TB

An opportunity for the local community to discuss the anti-social use of off road bikes with the police and local councillors

Contact Email:

For the attention of Sgt 7643 Tanner.

Launch of new national anti-social behaviour powers (ASB)

New powers to help police tackle anti-social behaviour and give the community a louder voice come into place today (Monday 20 October).

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Police Act 2014 gives police and their partners simpler and more effective powers for tackling anti-social behaviour.

The government has reduced the number of powers to deal with anti-social behaviour from 19 to six simpler, more flexible powers. These new powers are civil injunctions, criminal behaviour orders, community protection notices, public space protection orders, closure powers and dispersal orders.

Civil injunctions will replace the current ASBOs, although this aspect of the bill has been delayed nationally until next year.

The new ‘community trigger’ aspect of the bill gives communities a right to require community safety partnerships − including housing providers, the local authority, the police and health groups – to collectively review their activity where there have been three or more complaints relating to the same problem in a six month period.

The trigger can be activated by a member of the public, a community or a business, including a third party who may be concerned for someone they know.

The new ‘community remedy’ aspect gives victims of low-level crime and ASB a say in the punishment of offenders out of court. This means victims can get justice quickly, and the offender has to face – sometimes immediate and meaningful consequences for their actions. Victims will be given a range of options and will choose one for the offenders to carry out as a consequence of their offending.

Assistant Chief Constable Carl Foulkes commented: “The new act is all about police and partners working together to help people whose lives are being adversely affected by anti-social behaviour − and giving them a direct say in what course of action should be taken against perpetrators.

“It also gives police new powers to react swiftly should any issues develop that need a rapid response, such as imposing spontaneous dispersal orders to keep troublemakers away from a specific area.”

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito said: “The Community Remedy is an opportunity for victims to have a say in how offenders of low level crime are punished. It will give victims options that they have not had before and make offenders think about the impact that their behaviour has had on the victim and allow the situation to be dealt with quickly.

“This is a new way of working and we will be monitoring implementation of both the Community Remedy and the Community Trigger to ensure that the process is working for the benefit of victims.”
Click on this link for the full Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Police Act 2014.

‘Mindless vandalisim’ in Druids Heath Multi Storey Blocks

Druids Heath has a total of 15 multi storey blocks which house a variety of individuals including families with young children, single adults and elderly and disabled residents.  During the last several weeks the neighbourhood caretakers have reported an increase in incidents of criminal damage within the blocks.  Issues such as broken lights, glass windows, communal door entry systems, fires, graffiti have all been reported.

These incidents not only cause an unsightly mess but more importantly, cause a serious health and safety issue for the residents who occupy these properties.

Birmingham City Council is determined to reduce criminal damage and in order to combat this issue and identify the individuals responsible for the damage mobile security officers will be located in and around the Druids Heath area for the next few weeks.

Local Housing Manager for Brandwood stated “This is a mindless act of vandalism that is not only affecting the lives of residents within the blocks but is costing Birmingham City Council thousands of pounds each month. The night time security is a short term solution but I am confident that a presence on the estate will deter these individuals”.

Officers from West Midlands Police and the Housing Department are continuing to work in partnership to identify the individuals, but would ask local residents if they witness or know who the individuals who are involved in this criminal activity, that they contact a member of the housing team on 464 4700 or West Midlands Police on 101.

All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

What a mess! Dog fouling in Brandwood

Dog fouling is  a big issue around certain areas in Brandwood especially on the walk to Colmore School/Partons Road area. It is anti social and illegal! Apparently BCC has 4 dog wardens( incl. one on maternity leave!) So unfortunately and please forgive the pun, it’s in your hands to help solve!

Residents  suggest that dog poo stickers should be added to our regular bins because it is not obvious that poo bags are accepted. Another interesting suggestion was to ensure that all dogs were photographed with owners and tagged!  For regular ‘hot spots’ cayenne pepper sprinkled around offending area may help.

Please contact Richard Green to report any regular offenders 0121 303 9762

We need to educate the few dog owners and  make them feel too ashamed to allow their dog to foul without cleaning it up- all suggestions please email me.

cayenne pepper

ASB: Anti Social Behaviour

For a list of what Birmingham City Council deems as ASB and who to contact , please follow this link

Brandwood Forum meeting 4th April will be focusing on this topic 7-8.30pm Please come along, Grove Road Social Club (in between Brandwood House and Cockmore House next to the Red Lion)

What is Anti Social Behaviour?

What is Anti Social Behaviour ? This excerpt is taken from Wikipedia…The following list sets out what behaviour the UK police classified in 2006,  as anti-social.

In a survey conducted by University College London during May 2006, the UK was thought by respondents to be Europe’s worst country for anti-social behaviour, with 76% believing Britain had a “big or moderate problem “. Question: Is this still the same in 2013?

  • Substance misuse such as glue sniffing
  • Drinking alcohol on the streets
  • Problems related to animals such as not properly restraining animals in public places ( includes animal noise)
  • Begging
  • Prostitution related activity such as curb crawling and loitering
  • Abandoned vehicles that may or may not be stolen
  • Vehicle nuisance such as “cruises” – revving car engines, racing, wheel spinning and horn sounding.
  • Noise coming from business or industry
  • Noise coming from alarms
  • Noise coming from pubs and clubs
  • Environmental damage such as graffiti and littering
  • Inappropriate use of fireworks
  • Inappropriate use of public space such as disputes among neighbours, rowdy or inconsiderate behaviour
  • General drunken behaviour (which is rowdy or inconsiderate)
  • Hoax calls to the emergency services
  • Pubs or clubs serving alcohol after hours
  • Malicious communication
  • Hate incidents where abuse involves race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability
  • Firearms incidents such as use of an imitation weapon.


Experience of Anti Social Behaviour?

If you are experiencing anti social behaviour then please contact the Birmingham Anti-Social Behaviour helpline number on 0121 303 1111 .

You  might also want to look at The Witness Support Project −which  is an independent, free and confidential service where trained support workers provide information and advice to victims and witnesses of anti-social behaviour. Referrals can be made by Birmingham City Council’s Housing and Constituencies Directorate or through BASBU. Telephone: 0121 236 3959 or e-mail:

Birmingham Community Safety Partnership is creating a Victims’ Charter for victims of crime and anti-social behaviour that will make clear the city’s commitment to looking after victims of crime.

To take part in this survey click :

All further  information please look at this web site