Brandwood & Kings Heath Ward Plan (ideas and issues) Form to fill out and share March 2019

Dear Residents and Partners

To help the council and community work better together wards are being asked to draw up a ward plan setting out their priorities, what does the community think should happen in the area and how should we go about achieving those aims. This was discussed at this week’s ward forum meeting but the councillors would like to hear from as many people as possible so I have attached a form to capture your thoughts or you can just email back any other ideas you might have.


Many thanks

Kay Thomas

Community Governance Manager Neighbourhood Development & Support Unit

Neighbourhoods DirectorateZone 2, Workplace 2011 Ground Floor ,Council House Extension Margaret StreetB3 3BU

Tel: 0121 675 5664


Regulations for the use of Drones ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

If you see a drone being flown within the Brandwood area and are concerned that the pilot is in breach of the regulations below, then please contact 101 and get a log number. If you are able to then please try and locate the address which the drone is being flown from. The local Brandwood police team will then be able to ensure the pilot is aware of some of the issues involved with flying these objects within a residential area.

Drones or ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (UAV) are aircraft that can be remotely controlled or can fly autonomously using in built software and controlled flight plans. 

Over the last few years drone technology and popularity has increased with people purchasing them for recreational use. Unfortunately not all pilots have an understanding of aviation safety or of when and where they can be legally flown. This is due to some people considering drones to be toys rather than aircraft.  Regardless of if a drone is purchased as a toy or as an aircraft they may still breach regulations if flown incorrectly and illegally. 

This page will hopefully give some information and guidance for te public and for police officers who encounter UAVs  being flown. 


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles( DRONES)  Regulations is as follows: –

·         A UAV must not be flown above 400 feet in altitude or further than 500 metres away from the pilot unless permission is sought from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

·         Over or within 150 metres of a congested area 

·         Over or within 150 metres of organised open-air assembly of more than 1,000 persons

·         Within 50 metres of vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the control of the pilot

·         Within 50 metres of any person (30 metres during take-off or landing). This does not apply to pilot or people under control of pilot.

Any UAV used for aerial work is subject to a requirement to have a permission for Commercial Operations (Previously known as a Permission for Aerial Work) which is issued by the CAA.

Any breaches of the regulations are offences under Articles 94 or 95 of the Air Navigation Orders (ANO) 2016.

ANOs are Summary Only offences although consideration can also be made for the use of the UAV at the time of the flight and whether other offences have been committed i.e. Public Order, Harassment, Offences Against the Person, Offences Against Property, etc.


Question Time with Police & Crime Commissioner 28th March


Owing to growing local concerns regarding crimes and community safety, Moseley, Kings Heath and Brandwood Resident Forums invite you to:

Question Time with Police & Crime Commissioner – David Jamieson

***Open to residents in Moseley, Kings Heath, Brandwood areas***

Doors Open 7pm to start prompt at 7.30pm


First hour will be pre submitted questions to the PCC based on concerns raised in local areas. There will be some time for questions from the floor

To ensure we can accommodate as many people as possible please request tickets below to reserve your place.

Please let us know your access or communication needs by the 19th March 2018. We will do our best to meet these.

Parking will be available on site for priority needs. This will be limited and we encourage people to travel by other means. Queensbridge school is 5 minutes walk from the High Street Car parks. Please do not park on the pavements around the school.

Please submit potential questions/issues to the email below (please note we can’t deal with individual complaints) by 20th March 2018 or ring 07814314609

Birmingham City Council budget consultation 2018+ HAVE YOUR SAY by 10th January 2018


We’ve launched our Birmingham City Council budget consultation 2018+.

Our plans for allocating the total budget we have to spend on services for 2018 have been published and we want to hear your views on them.

The consultation runs until 15 January 2018. Please have your say and help shape the future of the council here

Pre 9.30am Concessionary Fares on National Express Buses for Pensioners


    As many of you may know, the West Midlands Pensioners’ Convention have for some time been talking to Transport for West Midlands to try and negotiate a pre 9.30 am reduced fare for users of the Pensioners’ Concessionary Bus Pass.

I am pleased to confirm that the pre-9.30am £1 Concessionary Fares on National Express Buses has now been agreed and will be introduced from Monday 8th January 2018 and covers all National Express Services operated by National Express West Midlands including those operating into adjoining districts to the West Midland County Area – It will also be available to users of the National Bus Pass visiting the West Midlands or having access to National Express West Midlands Bus Services in adjoining areas.

As the lead operator it is expected that other smaller companies will shortly offer a similar £1 fare facility some of which like Diamond already do.

The pre-9.30am start is not time limited and will prove especially beneficial for those needing to travel by bus fairly early – hopefully it will facilitate low cost access to hospital or similar appointments or early morning travel that would otherwise require use of a car including journeys to work for just £1.00 per day.

The Final Scheme has taken quite some time to work-up and is much better than originally anticipated when first raised by your WMPC Transport Group thanks to the co-operation of National Express and Transport for West Midlands officers and the assistance of our good friend Cllr Richard Worrall Chair of the TfWM Transport Delivery Group.

The Full details will be publicised shortly in the media via Press Release  for which a promotional photo shoot took place a few days ago – see photo.

Details will also be circulated to Branches and via our usual information feeds shortly plus included in the January Edition of the West Midland Pensioner

I would take this opportunity to thank the WMPC Transport Team for all their enthusiasm, interest and practical support on Public Transport which is so important to the Senior Citizens we represent over the past year and the officers at TfWM who have been so helpful and given so much thought to the practical presentations and following up on the issues we have raised and look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.

Best regards

Trevor Eames

Transport Group Secretary – West Midlands Pensioners Convention

0121 733 8081 mobile 07818 091501 

Brandwood Forum Festive Xmas Gathering 13th December 7-8.30pm

Brandwood Forum Festive Xmas Gathering and last meeting 13th December 7-8.30pm

This is our last meeting at Monyhull Church so I’d would like to thank Liz and Vince White who have provided an amazing meeting space, good cheer and refreshments  for the last two years.

Local residents will be bringing some festive fancies along and we hope to hear about the Druids Heath Master Plan for the Regeneration of Druids Heath.