Neglected Council Eyesore Planters to be Removed

It is unfortunate that these planters, having been installed by the Council, have been neglected for a number of years due to a lack of funding. They have only served as an unattractive display of weeds and another place for the feckless to dump their litter. I have lost count of how many times they have been pushed over. One can see that the pavement around them is looking unsightly too.

Although only Planters, they are a good example of a ‘bright idea’ thought up by someone in an office with no real day to day relationship with an area. It demonstrates a lack of systems, procedure, care and follow up. That when the unreliable funding dried up, they were forgotten and left, for all intents and purposes, to rot. These planters have gone on to be worse than nothing and are obviously degrading the roads on which they sit.

I recently contacted the District office and have asked that they either be maintained or removed. Alison Nicholls, the new ‘Place Manager’ for our Ward, has agreed to get them removed as soon as possible.

If there are any local residents with a desire to take these on and look after them, Alison can be contacted at or on 0121-464-1232.

KW (Treasurer)

Police Tasking Meeting – February 2015

Thank you to Jane Edwards for attending and preparing the following notes:


ATTENDEES Sgt. Karen Hunn, PCSO Julie Jeffries, Cllr Barry Henley,10 members of the public APPOLOGIES*Natalie Potter, BCC Housing Officer has now been replaced by Alison Nichols who hopes to attend future meetings.

ITEMS OF INTEREST. Sgt Hun reported the crime figures for the last month and generally, in most crime areas, they had remained the same or gone down. The main exception was Burglary which had risen from 5 to 18. An arrest had been made and the person was allegedly responsible for a large number of these offences. Burglary has dropped since their arrest. Tower blocks are still an area of concern and BCC are discussing better ways to make them more secure.

Priorities for last period were:-

Tower Blocks- There had been increased reporting by residents and Police Patrols had also increased. This is an ongoing issue

Speeding- This had not been done as the speed gun had been to be re calibrated and still had a problem! Police had done a check on the main Alcester Rd on December 19th. They stopped 210 cars but none were speeding.

Issues raised by the public.

1.The issue of unsecured/damaged BCC garages in blocks being used by gangs of youngsters. 2. Off road/quad bikes on open land causing a nuisance 3. Black bags and rubbish dumping 4. Minor anti- social incidents. 5. Faulty street lights (These all relate to the Druids Heath Estate.)

Councillor Henley/ Sgt Karen Hunn following these up.

Priorities for next month were agreed as:-

Speeding. (Camera out on Feb 3rd!)

Off road bikes and Quads

Tower Blocks Patrols

Next meeting. Monday 2nd March 7-8pm at Monyhull Church, St Francis Drive.

The Kerslake Review: What’s It All About?


The Leader of the City Council and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government called for an independent review of Birmingham City Council.

Sir Bob Kerslake, Permanent Secretary in Department for Communities and Local Government, will lead the review and report back to the Leader of the City Council and Secretary of State by 31 December 2014. The review will examine both the governance and organisational capabilities of the council with a view to making a series of recommendations on the economic and service delivery capabilities of the council.

In conducting this review:

  • Sir Bob has appointed an advisory panel to support him throughout the review, which will spend 5 days in Birmingham between September-December to conduct interviews and hold evidence gathering sessions.
  • the panel will meet with Sir Bob on a regular basis
  • Sir Bob will hold an open call for evidence as well as talking to key organisations in local government, including officials and politicians in Birmingham City Council, the Local Government Association, Members of Parliament and other relevant parties
  • Birmingham City Council will provide support to the team working with Sir Bob, in particular sharing financial plans, past and present
  • Birmingham City Council will loan a team leader to join the Birmingham team for the period of this review

The panel that has been appointed are:

  • Deborah Cadman, OBE (Chief Executive, Suffolk County Council)
  • Carolyn Downs (Chief Executive, Local Government Association)
  • Councillor Sir Steve Houghton (Labour, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Cudworth Ward)
  • Councillor Mehboob Khan (Political Advisor to London Councils / Labour, Kirklees Council, Greenhead Ward)
  • Joanne Roney, OBE (Chief Executive, Wakefield Council)
  • Donna Hall (Chief Executive, Wigan Council)
  • Councillor David Simmonds (Conservatives, Hillingdon London Borough Council, Ickenham Ward); and
  • Councillor Howard Sykes (Liberal Democrats, Oldham Council, Shaw Ward)

The review will consider the operation, culture and structure of the corporate governance arrangement at the heart of the City Council. It will look at their effectiveness and appropriateness for supporting the leadership and local service delivery needed to secure the future propensity of the City, and the wellbeing of all who live, work, or visit there. Sir Bob will make recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the City Council’s corporate governance arrangements both in the short and medium term.

The following lines of inquiry will be pursued:

  • structure and size of Birmingham City Council
  • clarity of strategic leadership and direction
  • managerial capacity to deliver the council’s priorities
  • role of the council in representing the community
  • financial planning and sustainability in the medium and long term
  • performance management and accountability
  • the council’s approach to partnership

Contact details for responses


Twitter @KerslakeReview


Keep Britain Tidy Diamond Jubilee Awards

Keep Britain Tidy Diamond Jubilee Awards

Your chance to celebrate the great work that you do!

To mark Keep Britain Tidy’s 60th birthday, we are proud to announce the charity’s Diamond Jubilee Awards.

Our prestigious awards are a great opportunity for organisations and individuals to promote and celebrate the great work they are doing to make a difference – whether through our Green Flag Awards, in our Eco-Schools, through our Care programmes or volunteering through the Big Tidy Up. All these activities make up the great work that Keep Britain Tidy has become known for since its inception 60 years ago.

The award winners will be announced at our landmark awards ceremony at the stunning Lutyens Crypt, Liverpool on Thursday, February 12, 2015.

The awards reflect the range of our work and of our supporters all across the country.

The Diamond Jubilee Award

The Diamond Jubilee Partnership Award

The Waste Less, Live More Award

The Big Tidy Up Award

Keep Britain Tidy Network – Quality Improvement Award

Keep Britain Tidy Network – Campaign of the Year

Keep Britain Tidy Network – Environmental Team/Crew of the Year

Green Flag Award – Volunteer of the Year

WaterCare Award

Eco-Schools Award – Eco-Committee of the Year

Women’s Institute Jubilee Award

Further information about each of the awards, along with the application form can be found on the Keep Britain Tidy website

Deadline for applications and nominations: November 28, 2014

Birmingham Tunnel Closure Update

Birmingham Tunnel Closures Update

The A38 St Chad’s and Queensway tunnels through Birmingham will be completely closed to all traffic this summer.

The closure will be preceded by two weeks of overnight closures and followed by up to four weeks of similar overnight closures.

Overnight closures: 10pm to 6am

  • Friday 4th July to Friday 18th July
  • Monday 1st Sept to Monday 29th Sept

Full Closure:

  • From 10pm Friday 18th July 2014 until 6am on Monday 1st September 2014

Motorists coming into the city centre are being advised to plan ahead and use public transport where possible to avoid delays. For further information, please visit


Colmore Schools Public Meeting Tonight 7.15 at Colmore school

Dear Friends,
Just a reminder that the Colmore Schools Public Meeting is taking place TONIGHT Wednesday 21st May, at 7.15 in the Jubilee Court building at Colmore Junior School.
Would be good to see you if you can make it.
We strongly believe the decision on academy conversion affects not just Colmore parents, but the wider community.
askcolmore parents