About Us

Brandwood Forum was set up to try and get a fairer deal for Brandwood residents and help make it a better place to live for everyone in the Ward.

Brandwood Forum aims to represent as many residents within the ward as possible, we  currently have 12 ‘Street Ambassadors’ residents who live in different areas of the ward.

These residents  are the eyes , ears and voices for their local area and  raise local concerns at the Brandwood Forum meetings. The meetings and  agendas are then devised to ensure that the correct local services come to the meetings to help solve the issues.

The Brandwood Ward Councillors regularly support these meetings as do Street Services and  BCC officers when invited.

Your views and suggestions make a difference.  Please get in contact.

Our Aims are

  • To represent and engage the whole of the community in Brandwood
  • To raise and improve the profile of Brandwoodby developing  projects which will improve the area
  • To help bring together Brandwood residents to develop a unified voice

Our Objectives are

  • To encourage residents ( of all backgrounds ages/beliefs and abilities) to become Ambassadors to represent their local area or group and  identify & help resolve local issues
  • To promote membership to all members of the community through word of mouth, leaflets/posters and social media
  • To develop and maintain a website as a one stop sign post source of information and provide a vehicle for community networking, sharing information and useful contacts
  • To hold a minimum of 4 meetings per year to consult and inform all members
  • To encourage  local agencies, Birmingham City Council (BCC) representatives , Ward Councillors & community partners to share information with residents  on matters of common interest, develop trust and open dialogue
  • To provide and create an accessible forum which will enable full participation and encourage debate and discussion about local issues including schools/health services/community provision/playgrounds/environmental issues and planning