Help Save Baverstock School

‘Save Baverstock School’ are organising a protest on Monday 30 January at 7pm outside the school’s main entrance. 
Everyone is invited to support the campaign to keep the school open by joining this peaceful demonstration. 
Please try and join parents and community members.
Please click link below
 letter-to-christine-quinn-save-baverstock  a Template letter to Christine Quinn (Regional Schools Commissioner) which lists the main reasons why this school should remain open.If you would like to help save the school then please just type your name at the bottom of the Template Letter.  

Then you can either print it out and post it or  email it directly to the Commissioner.

Instructions for emailing
1. Open template -scroll and print name –
2. To email it – click and highlight complete letter -right click cop – then right click on her email address (at top) press paste and then send

Thanks very much for circulating this information as widely as you can.

with very best wishes

Karen Osborne
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