Speeding cars, quad bikes and motorbikes in Brandwood- Name and shame!

Brandwood residents are invited get the registration plates and if possible photos of  speeding drivers, quad bikes and excessively motorbikes in Brandwood area because our local Councillors tell us that the Police will be notified . Please make sure that you get a number plate and email them to brandwoodforum@hotmail.co.uk and we will add to this list. If you know where they live …even better as they can expect a visit from the Police.

If  your car , quad bike or motorbike is on this list it means that local residents want your behaviour to improve.  Please think about the people who you maybe harming or even injure which includes children, the elderly and other drivers – drive in a sensible manner – don’t speed –  keep the noise down- act like an adult. Thanks


1.  Blue car  EJ51 URA  –  Kings Road area

2. AJ57 CPY Dark Blue – speeds a lot

3. SJ 65 ?? Red Car – Dangerously speeding

4. WF5 ?? Red car – speeding

5. Black car GF08 FLW  log number 1693  dangerous speeding


1. Noisy Motorbike/scrambler  – X272 LGN

2. Quad Bike   WO7 0UT

3. Quad bike DN57 LHW


5.SJ57 VWX -no silencer

6. BC14 CWD- no silencer

7. WK0 3 L ? Blue

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