Got a gripe about Amey and roads, gulleys and pavements etc in Brandwood?

These are the points which were raised to Amey at our meeting 25th March…

Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting . She had prepared a ist of questions and local issues which residents have raised.

Brandwood Forum Questions & Issues in Brandwood Ward for  Amey  March 2015

Questions from the Chair

  1. How are street improvements decided?
  2. What is the Ward allocation for street improvements incl. double kerbing?
  3. When is this agreed?
  4. What is the programme for Brandwood Ward drains and gully cleaning?
  5. How is this decided?
  6. Who is Amey accountable to?

Issues –

  1. Monyhull Hall Road grass verges- first reported 2012- told no to double kerbing
  2. Why was double kerbing done at Fernwood Croft, Westminster Drive when there was no need and residents actually said waste of money?
  3. Priory Road – potholes first reported 2012- dangerous for cyclists….some at least 7” deep
  4. Vicarage Road shop fronts potholes- first listed and sent 2012
  5. Disabled parking lines outside top Partons Road? First requested in 2013
  6. why were potholes were repaired on Chanston Ave last Autumn involving the equivalent of two days work for 2-3 people when they then did a major repair completely removing and resurfacing the top third about six weeks later.

In response to the Chairs questions…

Amey do a Detailed Visual Inspection of all roads and pavements  once a year – in 20 metre sections Markings mean:  Yellow – utilities  Blue water  , White potholes..

Residents urged to complain to BCC website about potholes paving etc as Amey then receives these…

Programmes and Planning  Manager is Steve Claxton

Drains and Gullies is John Hastilow

Street Lighting manager is John Murtagh

AMEY is responsible to JOHN BLAKEMOORE at Birmingham City Council




  1. Priory Road ( both ends) marked twice for over one year! STILL NOT DONE-WHY?
  2. Sunken drain next to pedestrian crossing at Monyhull
  3. Two blocked drains opp 58 and 82 Kings Road- cleaning rota? asked for last 4 months
  4. Entrance to Premiere Court- marked up but three left
  5. Why Chanston Ave repaired then completely resurfaced weeks later? Waste fo public money?… Amey reps said they agreed it was an odd
  6. Fernwood Croft Why were raised kerbs created when local residents said un needed and a waste of money?
  7. Monyhull Raised kerbs desperately required for last three years at Broadmeadow School but not done because of funds…
  8. Cllr Leddy informed residents that Fernwood Croft had been done because one resident had contacted him.
  9. Paving on Brandwood Road- Cllrs already walked down – nothing done WHY? Cllr Leddy explained about The Liverpool Inch- Kristian said there were 40 trip hazards…JG said he would look into this.
  10. Why were 3 Amey workers painting one lamppost?
  11. Lifford Lane gas pipe disruption promised to be fixed by April 1st


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