Neglected Council Eyesore Planters to be Removed

It is unfortunate that these planters, having been installed by the Council, have been neglected for a number of years due to a lack of funding. They have only served as an unattractive display of weeds and another place for the feckless to dump their litter. I have lost count of how many times they have been pushed over. One can see that the pavement around them is looking unsightly too.

Although only Planters, they are a good example of a ‘bright idea’ thought up by someone in an office with no real day to day relationship with an area. It demonstrates a lack of systems, procedure, care and follow up. That when the unreliable funding dried up, they were forgotten and left, for all intents and purposes, to rot. These planters have gone on to be worse than nothing and are obviously degrading the roads on which they sit.

I recently contacted the District office and have asked that they either be maintained or removed. Alison Nicholls, the new ‘Place Manager’ for our Ward, has agreed to get them removed as soon as possible.

If there are any local residents with a desire to take these on and look after them, Alison can be contacted at or on 0121-464-1232.

KW (Treasurer)