Where are the Brandwood Forum Community Noticeboards?

Please let your neighbours know about our meetings and look at our local noticeboards and website for other community  information and news.
Our Brandwood Forum Community noticeboards are at the following sites
1) Vicarage Road(opposite the Post Office)
2) Druids Heath Library (to the right of the main entrance)
3) Yarningale Road Costcutters ( on the grass)
4) Alcester Road Tescos ( residents say its been installed the wrong way round… I might be able to change this at some point)
5) Board Lane Shops ( opposite the Chippy)
Subject to funding…we will be installing two more noticeboards- Allenscroft Road and at Marsham shops( If you know of anywhere else which may be better- please let me, Chair Karen Osborne  know) email brandwoodforum@hotmail.co.uk

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