Call for more Brandwood Forum Ambassadors who care about their area

We currently have  17 Brandwood Forum Ambassadors who live in different parts of the Ward, who are the eyes and ears for their area  and attend the Forum meetings to raise issues etc.
In order to truly represent and help improve the Ward  we need resident Ambassadors in the following areas/roads if possible
  1. Reeves Road / Waldrons Moor
  2. Kings Road/ Vicarage Road
  3. Kings Terrace
  4. Brandwood Park Road
  5. Colmore area Howard Road/Tenbury road/Colmore
  6. Listowel Road area
  7. May Lane/ Brentford Road
  8. Tunnel Lane area
  9. Penny Acre Road area
  10. Brockworth  Road area
  11. The Oaks Primary School area
  12. Marsham Road
Please pass this onto friends and neighbours- being an Ambassador for your local area just means alerting us of concerns  at meetings once per month! And you get a cup of tea…. Please let us  know if you are interested !
Finally…there will be more opportunity to meet and chat at the end of meetings from now on- I plan to end most meetings at 8 which leaves approx 20 mins for chatting etc
Our next meeting is 25th February starting at 7pm at Monyhull Church.

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