Biblical bulb planting experience with Brandwood Forum and Brandwood Housing!

Earlier today as we were planting the last of the 1600 daffodil bulbs I suggested that Simon open up a random  page of the small green New Testament& Psalms book which we’d found at the bustop.

It was quite amazing …he flicked through pages and stopped randomly -he’d stopped at Luke 8.. which is called the Parable of the Sower!! What are the odds of that happening- we were all amazed and a bit spooked.

For those of you who are interested its the farmer who sows the seed in different areas: rocky areas, paths and thorn including good areas

To read more see photo.  My thanks go to local Brandwood Forum residents  and the Brandwood Housing team for all their help planting the daffs- looking forward to seeing them in the spring!!  Brandwood Chair, Karen Osborne

Luke 8 parable of the sower

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