Speeding on Motorways

Speeding is one of the ‘Fatal Five’ driving offences alongside drink driving, careless driving, using a mobile phone and seatbelt offences.

Inspector Richard Gathergood said: “Speed restrictions are there for the safety of everyone but sadly there are lots of drivers who don’t stick to them and some who have disregard for them altogether.’’

“Drivers who speed are more likely to be involved in a collision, causing damage and disruption at one end of the scale, to serious injury or death at the other.’’

“We see incidents on the motorway all the time where if people hadn’t have been going so fast the consequences may not have been as severe.’’

“My hope that this week is that people who do break the speed limit sit up and think – and consider more seriously the safety of themselves and others in the future.”

’’CMPG’s aim is clear, we want every single person using the midland motorway network to get home safely, every single day.’’

For further information visit: http://think.direct.gov.uk/speed.html

      As ever enforcement is an issue with these initiatives:    If drivers who caused accidents due to speeding /irresponsible behaviour etc were made to pay for the services called out and have to recompense all the drivers in the traffic jams for the time that they waste …then  maybe these drivers would think twice before putting their foot down? Karen , Chair Brandwood Forum


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