Green Waste Recycling in Brandwood

The following  information leaflets were circulated at the Brandwood Ward Committee meeting 23/04/2014:
i) New Chargeable Green Waste Recycling Collection Service ii) Get composting – compost bin special offer

John Burke, Lifford Lane Depot Manager, Fleet and Waste Management stated that since Brandwood Ward had become one of the two pilot areas for the introduction of wheelie bins to all residents there had been a noticeable difference in street cleanliness.  He thanked local residents for their co-operation and participation in the scheme.  He added the following additional comments:

Green garden waste was no longer a free service for all Birmingham citizens.  The City Council has had to make budget cuts in the Fleet and
Brandwood Ward Committee – 23 April 2014

Waste Management service and green waste was not considered to be a statutory service.  The collection of green garden waste costs the City Council approximately £3,000 per annum.

The Council have introduced a new paid for green recycling collection service.  Residents can sign up for the service online or via telephone ( or telephone 0121 303 1112). The charge is £35 per year for a 240 litre wheelie bin (or equivalent sack service) which will be collected fortnightly.  A £2 discount is available to all residents that sign up online.  In Brandwood Ward 900 residents have taken up the scheme and have been supplied with a wheelie bin, 200 residents have been supplied with the equivalent sack service.

The Council have teamed up with to provide an exclusive offer of home compost bins and other green products.  Composting at home cuts CO2 emissions and recycles most kitchen and green waste into a free supply of compost.  The compost converter is priced at £16.98 (buy one get one half price).  He stated that it was a good initiative for neighbours to work together and buy two bins at a discount.
Members of the public expressed concern that rubbish was being dumped in the following areas – Linley Grove, Sunderton Road, Brandwood Park Road, Dawberry Road, Kings Road and Manningford Road.  Concern was also expressed that bags that had been identified as being dumped (yellow sticker attached to the bag) were being left for up to three months which made the area look unsightly and encouraged others to dump rubbish at the same location.
John Burke explained that the enforcement team investigate the contents of all bags that had been dumped to ascertain ownership and submit a financial penalty the individual/household concerned.
A member of the public congratulated fleet and waste management for an excellent provision of service.  She stated that her household wheelie bin was emptied on a regular basis.  She stated that a composter would eradicate the need for a green waste collection service and was also a good means of educating children on the advantages of recycling.
A member of the public stated that the paper pod in the recycled wheelie bin was too small for her recycling needs and requested that investigations be made to either increase the size of the pod or provide a separate recycling box to house the paper overspill.

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