Air Pollution in Birmingham and Brandwood

AIR POLLUTION key facts were presented by Phil Burrows (FoE) at Brandwood Forum meeting last night . He  explained the ‘Let’s Get Moving’ campaign. Birmingham has 2nd worst air quality in the UK, London being worst with 3,000 people per year dying of air pollution related illness. PM10 particles lodge in lungs causing cancer – Stratford Rd often goes over EU limit. Nitrous oxide is the other big problem. Birmingham often goes over the EU limit for this. FOE Campaign calls on BCC to invest £10 per person per yr for at least next 10 yrs, encouraging ‘active transport’ (walking, cycling) + public transport. Copenhagen invests £20 per person per yr. BCC have been investing, due to funding from national government, but should push for this to continue. At some point, a ‘modal shift’ happens: not only does incidence of respiratory diseases fall, but people become fitter, reducing incidence of heart disease, obesity, diabetes + other illnesses.

Phil said that the campaign would target journeys under 1 mile. Brandwood Forum has agreed to site some diffuser tubes around key sites in the Ward to assess the level of pollution in Brandwood.

We will keep you posted! If you would like to suggest a polluted hotspot please let me know – email me Karen Osborne at

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