NHS website no link to services for ‘women’ womens health or family planning!!

The National (NHS) Cervical Screening Programme has just contacted  me  about the NHS screening programme . Women can go to their  local GP but can also attend a clinic where there are more likely to be female staff .  These are the clinics  detailed to me in the letter . ..hence I checked out the NHS website… to search for cervical screening/women/womens health /family planning but there are no links  to  any service on the NHS web site which I find unbelievable! 

If anyone knows of more local and more accessible health clinics please let me know.

Karen Osborne brandwoodforum@hotmail.co.uk


1) Family Planning Clinic All Saints Medical Centre Kings Heath B14 ONLY OPEN Mondays  1.15- 8pm  tel 0121 441 6922

2)Birmingham Family Planning Clinic- Boots the High Street  City Centre, B4 7TA

Mon – Fri open 8-6.30    tel 0121 255 9131

3) Washwood Heath New Atttitudes???  Saltley   Mon 9-6 and Thursday 9-6

tel 0121 322 4300