Kings Heath Post Office to move …have your say!

 Do you know that Kings Heath Post Office is going to be moved from its present home to WHSmith instead? Although this long-standing, well-used and vital local service is not in Brandwood ward, it is certainly used by many Brandwood residents.

A consultation is being carried out by the Post Office and you can send them your views. You can pick up a leaflet at the Post Office to find out more, or just write to them at

I’m a resident of Brandwood ward, and these are my concerns about the proposed move:-

1) There will be a reduction from 8 to 4 serving positions. This is particularly worrying. With a halving of resources, how will it be possible to provide anything like the current level of service? Imagine how long the queues will be!

2) My understanding is that none of the existing PO staff will be going to the new premises at WHSmith. So the employment of WHSmith staff rather than specially-trained and long-serving, experienced PO staff is of great concern.

3) It is indicated that the new branch will provide ‘the same wide range of products and services’. But I believe that there are some facilities that are only available in the larger PO branches, so I wonder whether the smaller version of the Kings Heath branch will no longer qualify for some of these services. 

4) What will happen to the current building? It’s an important focal point for this end of Kings Heath and its loss will be very significant for other shops in this part of the locality. Will we end up with yet another empty space in our neighbourhood?

Although this PO branch is not in Brandwood ward, many Brandwood residents must use it. It is a thriving and essential service in Kings Heath; its removal and down-sizing must have serious adverse effects on the community – both to its residents and to local businesses.


I hope you will join me in asking for this decision to be reversed. 

Jane Woddis, Brandwood Resident