BCC and litter bins..

Overview ( This has been copied form the BCC website) http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/litter
Please tell BCC if there are full or overflowing litter bins or dog waste bins in your street. If you think a litter bin is needed where there isn’t one already, let us know and we’ll see if we can provide one.

You can use the Get help with Litter Waste Bins button to request the following services:

  • Empty Litter Bin
  • Remove Dangerous Bin
  • Litter Bin Removal/Replacement
  • Request a Litter Bin
Essential Information
  • + – Service Standards
  • We aim to complete the following requests:

    Within one working day:

    • Litter bin emptying, if they’re full or overflowing;
    • Remove a dangerous litter bin, for example if it’s been damaged.

    Within five working days:

    • Litter bin provision, where there isn’t one already;
    • Litter bin removal and replacement, where the bin is in bad condition.