Brandwood Forum Meeting 5th September: Potholes Tarmac and dangerous parking

Brandwood Forum Meeting 5th September 7-8.30 Grove Raod Social Centre : Potholes. Tarmac and dangerous parking!
We are  delighted to welcome back District Engineer Sajid Khan, Bournville Cllr Rob Sealey( TBC) and a representative for AMEY( Highways contractor)
To get your juices going… the following will be discussed
1) Vicarage Road dangerous parking/zebra crossing/new co-op
2) The Tarmac programme for Brandwood- potholes ,pathways and roads…
There will be Environmental/Planning & Police updates and an opportunity for you to raise new issues or concerns.
Please let other residents know about these meetings – your input helps improve our ward for everyone!

3 thoughts on “Brandwood Forum Meeting 5th September: Potholes Tarmac and dangerous parking

  1. As the new Co-op open on 4 September, I think we should give it a while before discussing the impact on 5 September.
    And local residents need to park somewhere. Who says it is dangerous? On street parking actually slows down traffic

  2. Hi Karen

    I thought the meeting was Th 12 September, but no worries. We’ll be ready for you!

    My mobile phone has conked out. I think it got overexcited when we were in Bewdley in all that fresh air and sunshine for our anniversary.

    I will take my iPad down to IT Club shortly and keep my email box open for your reply, if you reply.

    Big hugs Jan xx

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