Wheelie Bins , Overflowing public bins, greenwaste in Brandwood

17brandwoodrd18june13Environmental Concerns..highlighted at Brandwood Forum Meeting 9th July
1) Overflowing public bins in Brandwood. Kristian has collated a photographic diary of the bins which we were promised three months ago, would be emptied 3 times per week.
They are not being emptied- Kristian has the evidence!! John Burke Fleet & Waste  Manager at Lifford Lane assured residents that his crew will be challenged about this and that we would see an improvement.. As Kristian pointed out these bins are not only overflowing but  contain dog waste bags which is not safe. We will keep you posted on how this can be resolved..If you have an overflowing bin please contact us – take a photo and date and then ring 0121 303 1967 and also Richard Green on 0121 303 9762 for dumping/bins etc
2) Residents asked why there were no red dog poo bins in Brandwood parks.
3) Non collection of green waste– According to one resident no green collection for last 6 weeks!!!Partons road and the groves are especially bad- are the crews not collecting or are residents just putting out their bags before collection days? Has anyone else got this problem? Please let us know- again ring 0121 303 1967 and Richard Green on 0121 303 9762
4) Keynal Court/Alcester Lane Shops/Tims Express all reported..
5) Resident from Vicarage Road Flats said that their rubbish had not been collected for weeks- the collection day had been charged from Friday to Monday- JB said he would remedy this
And then we discussed the Wheelie Bins….your new best friend or annoying neighbour?!
Lots of comments and questions were made to John Burke
1) Are the bin men always meant to collect?  Yes – but collections now may be up until 4pm!!
2) Why are bin men still picking bags out of bins – which then break and leave mess?
3) Residents who were listed down as ‘assisted collections’ were having real problems– no one was collecting and residents phoned deop many times without hel- JB took note of the address and assured residents this will be sorted- any other residents who are having problems please let us know
4)Why is the paper recycling so small– Being the pilot ward then would it be sensible to evaluate both the size and the design of these bins  before the rest of Birmingham 1m residents receive them?
   ( I will be inviting Cabinet Member for Environment to our meeting 7th November)
5) Some multiple houses were assessed as not ok for wheelie bins and leaving out bags-creating eyesores- some of these will be getting bins after all
6) Residents said their bin had been stolen and set alight around Shelnecote…JB said he  thought these problems would eventually reduce
7) All Saints Road: Bin men  not putting bins back into rightful place– this is crucial especially if residents are working and out all day- again JB assured residents that the crews will be alerted and their list updated
8) resident above shop on Allenscroft still not got a wheelie bin- RG to sort this out
9) Any extra paper waste should be bundled up  for collection- bin men will not take boxes which are sometimes full of plastic/polystyrene
The wheelie bin debate was superbly rounded off by local resident Liz who had written the Wheelie bin song about her wheelie bins- and all 40 residents joined in on the chorus ! ” Oh Wheelie bin Oh wheelie bin….” We  managed to video it and will put it up on the website-  Liz is this Ok with you? I thought residents sang very well- could this be the start of the Brandwood Choir?? Any thoughts on this please email me!