DTZ Property Services and Dawberry Fields Development

DTZ sent approximately 280 letters to local residents who are either adjacent or in close proximately to the sites  as well as a number of enquiries by email.

The purpose of the consultation was to gather local residents/stakeholder views, before finalising a planning application for submission. This will be an outline application to set out the principle of residential use of the site and an ‘up to’ number of units, followed by separate applications once the site is sold to agree details of layout and the mix of units.

The consultation boards are attached, along with a copy of a questionnaire which was provided to those who attended for any comments.

6638D land at Dawberry Fields Road – Consultation Boards final

land at Dawberry Fields Road – Consultation questions

The proposal is an illustration at the moment, but shows up to 49 dwellings which would be a mixture of 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes.

There have been proposals put forward for the sites previously, and a number of local residents spoke about these. The objective of the council is now to progress to a sale of the site, which will then release the funds needed to reinstate the adjacent allotments and make improvements to the park.

Please see next post for the reference number to find out more