The Tunnel Consultation by Brandwood and Stirchely Forums

Both Brandwood Forum and Stirchley Forums carried out a community consultation  to ask local residents and users of the Tunnel about what they think would help improve the tunnel. Currently it is in a pitiful state , dirty, dark and scruffy.

Local residents mainly  use this tunnel during the day light hours as it attracts gangs who congregate here after dark and are especially noisy and in greater number during the summer months. We spoke to two residents who also experience problems with young people gathering inside their small arch ie on their property! I have asked the City Council to gate this area if possible?

As well as the consultation  Network rail, Brandwood Housing team and caretakers met with Brandwood Forum on site to discuss ideas and issues.

Network Rail confirmed that they will  instruct a team to cut down brambles..but they could not afford to repaint  the 44m long ceiling . They might work with local youth group to help clean up the tagging- but this is still to be confirmed

Brandwood Housing team sent out a team that week to paint over the swear words and also sent out a letter stating intolerance of ASB form to local residents. The Police have agreed to monitor the tunnel on a regular basis- I stressed the emphasis on after dark not day time!!

BCC is looking into the repair of the lights and Waste services have agreed to clean the tunnel on a weekly basis. There may be funds to do a small art project with local primary schools but this is to be confirmed.

If you have an opinion or any comment to make please get in touch! Have your say.


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