Do you want to complain about Health Care?..

If you would like to discuss the quality of care you have received in hospital, or would like to make a complaint, please contact the Patient Experience Team on 0121 411 0415, e-mail
If your concern is with a primary care contractor (General Practice, dentist, pharmacist or optician) please contact the Customer Contact Centre, on: 0300 311 22 33, e-mail: Pharmacy concerns may also be sent to our Medicines Management team, e-mail:

3 thoughts on “Do you want to complain about Health Care?..

  1. Sorry if I’m a little sceptical, but having just reached a resolution with a local hospital that took one and a half years and necessitated the intervention and support of POhWER Advocates, I’m not sure I trust this… Maybe someone from the service could add to your post reassuring me? My big gripe is the failure of the NHS to take comorbidity issues into account e.g. mental health needs when going in as an inpatient, despite the provision by myself of an Advance Statement and several conversations with staff from the pre-op screening stage right the way through until I was discharged. I was treated like a primadonna when all I wanted was my carer informed and brought to the ward – he was waiting at the end of the ward for hours, unaware I was back from theatre and going into crisis.

    • Brandwood forum is organising a ‘Health Service focus meeting’ for residents 9th June We hope that a couple of Clinical Commissioners will be there to answer questions and feed back to the CCG board- comments can also be made on their twitter @BSC_CCG #bscengagement 🙂

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