Brandwood and Harborne Residents : Is my property suitable for a wheelie bin?

Brandwood and Harborne households will be notified from Monday 25th if they are suitable for a wheelie bin.

Cards will start dropping with information on them. Red cards mean a household is NOT deemed suitable for wheelie bins. Green cards mean they ARE deemed suitable.A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said:”A street-by-street assessment of properties is being conducted as part of the preparations for the wheelie bin pilots in Brandwood and Harborne.

“The assessment considers if a property has steep steps and/or slope between property and roadside, no storage space for wheelie bins or poor access for collection vehicles.

“Households in the two wards are being notified if they are suitable for wheelie bins or not. Larger and smaller households will also be able to apply for bins that are more appropriate to their needs. Additionally, face-to-face surveys are to be conducted ahead of the pilot at a sample number of homes in both wards.

“The pilot itself will then further inform the council ahead of the city-wide roll-out of wheelie bins, and the feedback that is gained, along with the findings from an online survey and meetings with special interest groups will help shape the wider scheme.

“If a resident is elderly and infirm or has a physical disability and there are no adults, aged 16 or over, living in their household able to move wheelie bins, the council can arrange to collect the wheelie bins from inside the boundary of their property. This is known as an assisted collection service.

“Further leaflets will be delivered to homes in the pilot areas in the coming weeks with details about when the new bins will be delivered and their collection arrangements.”