What a mess! Dog fouling in Brandwood

Dog fouling is  a big issue around certain areas in Brandwood especially on the walk to Colmore School/Partons Road area. It is anti social and illegal! Apparently BCC has 4 dog wardens( incl. one on maternity leave!) So unfortunately and please forgive the pun, it’s in your hands to help solve!

Residents  suggest that dog poo stickers should be added to our regular bins because it is not obvious that poo bags are accepted. Another interesting suggestion was to ensure that all dogs were photographed with owners and tagged!  For regular ‘hot spots’ cayenne pepper sprinkled around offending area may help.

Please contact Richard Green to report any regular offenders 0121 303 9762

We need to educate the few dog owners and  make them feel too ashamed to allow their dog to foul without cleaning it up- all suggestions please email me. brandwoodforum@hotmail.co.uk

cayenne pepper