Update on Wheelie bin meeting

Cllr James MacKay spoke to a packed audience at Brandwood Forum Meeting 10th January 2013. In a nutshell , these are the points which he made in response to questions.

1.      Currently only 32% of household waste is recycled
2.      2/3rds could be recycled to sell
3.      25 year contract with Veoilia
4.       BCC cannot  carry on like this in  10 years time there may not be a service!
5.      If we don’t accept the money from Gov. recycling will become every month and     collections every two weeks
6.      There will be pilot schemes in two wards ( view to roll out in 2 years) –
7.      Unsuitable properties will retain bin bags( but 90-95% are suitable)
8.      For the elderly & disabled there will be an assisted scheme
9.      Collections times will be slower but less workers needed
10.     Smaller bins can be requested ( Size  not yet know)
11.     Wheelie bins are coming!
12.     There could be the possibility of see through recycling bags which tie up  for unsuitable properties?
13.    No strategy as to what will happen to  current plastic boxes


As ever please let me know of any suggestions for themes or invitees for meetings – our next meeting is Thursday 8th Feb- 7- 8.30pm
Thanks Karen Osborne , Chair