Speeding and car parking issues in Brandwood

Brandwood Ward  is ‘edged ‘ by parts of Vicarage Road, Lifford Lane, Alcester Road South and Bells Lane.

Residents have raised a number of concerns which are currently as follows:

  • The latest speed watch highlighted that speeding cars  on Brandwood Road remain an issue please sign the petition http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/brandwood-rd-speeding/
  • Cars parking and actually driving across the walkways at Marsham Road-this is an issue that local Councillors have promised to make a priority
  • Kings road speed bumps now called ‘speed cushions’ and are too low since the tarmac programme to make a real difference – Local Councillors assure residents they are OK-
  • Motorists going through red lights at Monyhull Hall Road- suggestion of a camera here?
  • Parents parking their cars in front of both Colmore Schools and blocking residents drives and ruining the grass verge
  • Cars and vans blocking the exit at Tescos Express

Please contact us about any other areas which you believe require some attention by police and our Councillors  brandwoodforum@hotmail.co.uk

One thought on “Speeding and car parking issues in Brandwood

  1. Dangerous driving and parking are a huge issue for the Grove Road Estate next to Colmore J&I School also, and we are grateful that the council’s Antisocial Behaviour Unit are now looking into this. Many residents here are in their 70s and 80s and/or have mobility issues. Inconsiderate parents/carers are blocking our car park entrance, parking all over our car park and along the entrance way and on Grove Rd, on the various bends. Several have been threatening and abusive to residents who ask them to move their cars – even if it is to move out of a disabled parking space so a resident with a disabled sticker can use it. I believe this IS an ASB issue.

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