Police Tasking Meetings

Brandwood Neighbourhood Police Tasking Meetings take place every month at alternative venues 7-8pm . These meetings are an opportunity for residents to raise concerns about a range of issues in their local community.

Baverstock School 501 Bells Lane. Kings Heath. Birmingham. B14 5TL

Monyhull Church St Francis Driv,e, Monyhull Estate Kings Norton , Birmingham B30 3PS

for more information  http://www.west-midlands.police.uk/np/birminghamsouth/news/

Brandwood Neighbourhood Police tasking  dates are as follows:

Mon 18th Feb – Bells Farm (due to half term break)
Mon 11th March – Monyhull Hall Church

Mon 15th April – Baverstock School

Mon 13th May- Monyhull Hall Church

Mon 17th June- Baverstock School

Mon 15th July- Monyhull Hall Church

Mon 12th Aug – Bells Farm (due to half term break)

Mon 16th Sept- Monyhull Hall Church

Mon 14th Oct – Baverstock School

Mon 18th Nov- Monyhull Hall Church

Mon 16th Dec – Baverstock School


One thought on “Police Tasking Meetings

  1. We were told at the tasking meeting at Monyhull Church on Wednesday 16th that the next meeting was 11th March not the20th March could someone please inform residents WHEN the next meeting is.

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