Are you one of the lucky ones? Brandwood Ward roads which get bulky waste collection

There are twelve days per year which the City Council collect bulky waste for (lucky) households .The highlighted roads cover 3900 houses and receive a bulky waste collection  at their doorstep at a cost of £3.30 per household. The rest of the (not so lucky) 6,900 households have ‘skip days’ (approximately 30 skips) which cost 45p per household.

This wouldn’t seem so unfair if these collections were rotated but apparently they are not.

Our next meeting 1oth January is focussing on the Environment. Cllr James Mackay will be attending to talk about wheelie bins and dog fouling so I’ll be putting  this little nugget on the agenda as well! Meeting starts at 7pm

Roads which receive Bulky Waste collection