Frosty mornings – vehicle crime advice

Birmingham South Police: Frosty mornings – vehicle crime adviceDuring cold spells, some motorists may be tempted to leave their car engines running to heat up and de-ice while they wait inside the house in the warmth, leaving their vehicles and valuables vulnerable to theft.

The simple message from the police is do not leave a car unlocked, running and unattended for any length of time whether it is left on your own driveway to de-frost or at any other time.

Police also advise motorists to install a tracking device into their vehicles as this can assist in a speedy recovery of returning stolen vehicles to their owners.

Drivers can also get vehicle crime prevention advice by visiting the Safer Motors website at

Anyone who witnesses any suspicious activity is asked to report it immediately to their local police station on 101.

Please take a look at the attached poster and feel free to forward it to your contacts to help us to prevent vehicle crime.