Tackling Anti Social Behaviour

 Selly Oak District – Birmingham City Council Housing Anti-Social Behaviour Service Good News and Update

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Druids Heath

Officers from Birmingham City Council’s Housing Team have been successful in securing an anti-social behaviour injunction (ASBI) on an individual who has been responsible for terrorising the Druids Heath neighbourhood.  The order excludes the individual from the whole neighbourhood for a period of three years and provides a power of arrest to the Police if the order is breached.

Leaflets and posters will be circulated across the neighbourhood to inform and advise the community about the conditions of the order and how they can contact BCC and the Police to help enforce it.The application to the Birmingham Courts was granted following investigations and joint working between BCC housing staff, legal services, as well as officers from West Midlands Police.

Selly Oak

A resident who was the victim of an incident in Selly Oak has personally thanked the local housing team for their support by coming in and giving them a present. The elderly resident was the victim of a stabbing following an attack by a neighbour and the local housing team worked with the Police to keep him safe and supported whilst the trial was ongoing. Following the trial, the team is now progressing with an eviction of the tenant responsible for the attack.

Supporting tenants with BRAVE

The local housing team have been working with BRAVE (Birmingham Residents Antisocial Behaviour Victim Empowerment Project), a project set up by Victim Support to support local residents who have been subject to anti-social behaviour.

The partnership has already resulted in several notable successes, one of which has involved supporting one local resident to reclaim their life.  The resident was for several years so concerned about anti-social behaviour being caused by her neighbours and in her street that she never left her house.  Since working with the team and BRAVE she has now started leaving the house on a regular basis and has  gone on to got involved in local voluntary work.

Alcohol and problem drinkers

As well as organisations such as West Midlands Police and BRAVE, the local housing team have also established a partnership with Aquarius to help support tenants who due to their alcohol misuse are becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.

Staff from the two organisations now do joint visits and weekly surgeries for tenants who want to access support to help with their drinking.  This approach has already started to have an impact where tenants have recognised the need for help.  One such case is in Brandwood where one resident has started working with Aquarius after his drinking problems started to cause a nuisance and intimidation to local residents.

5 thoughts on “Tackling Anti Social Behaviour

  1. Good news indeed. Perhaps they can do something about abusive behaviour towards tenants in the car park behind Cocksmoor House. There are vulnerable people living here who are sick of the stupid parking (which blocks ambulance access for example) and the foul language used to tenants who a) happen to be trying to use the car park themselves or get in or out b) happen to be in the car park saying goodbye to visitors who’ve parked there or c) ask them to move. There was an incident of racial abuse the other day. Another tenant got into trouble trying to stick up for the black tenant on the receiving end. We don’t know if the driver responsible has had any sanction against him. The black tenant is one of the gentlest, most polite people I’ve ever met, by the way. The accusation against him: LOOKING AT somebody! For god’s sake…

  2. Hi Jan ,
    Very sorry to hear this – and we will help all we can . Please raise this issue at the next Brandwood Forum Meeting 6th December- In the meantime try to make note of registration numbers of abusive people ( difficult I know) and maybe put up a notice to other tenants.

    • Thank you both! I’ll email straight away. Such incidents are happening more frequently since Tim’s Express opened up and is attracting more customers, and their flyer advertises ‘parking to rear’ which it shouldn’t of course… Best wishes, Jan

    • Thanks Natalie,

      I spoke to Vicki Moore last week at a local meeting and have tried 0121 464 1199 but can’t get through..is there a new contact number

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