Will Wheelie bins improve our streets?

Excerpts taken from the Birmingham Mail

Wheelie bins will replace black bags for the vast majority of the 400,000 households in the city from next April following a successful bid to the Government’s £250 million weekly collection fund.

City bins chief councillor James McKay (Lab, Harborne) said: “I am thrilled that the Government has recognised the strength of our bid, and wants to work with us to bring transformational change to our waste collection services.

“We will shortly embark upon a period of public consultation over the details of the bid, to ensure we shape and introduce the best possible scheme for all citizens.”

The council is set to consult with residents over details of the scheme – including which streets or buildings may be exempt from wheelie bins – and preparing the ground for introduction starting in April next year.

But when the bid was first announced in the summer some residents voiced opposition – mainly saying their roads were not suitable. Former Labour councillor Andy Foster said that his road in Selly Oak is unsuitable. “Here it won’t work. Unless it’s stuck on the front looking ugly, in a Conservation Area, and with everyone seeing what everyone else is dumping,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Will Wheelie bins improve our streets?

  1. I’m completely against it.
    Three large bins, each equivalent to three standard dustbins adds up to nine standard dustbins.
    We currently fill one dustbin per week, and two recycling boxes per fortnight.
    Plastic bags are flexible; elderly or disabled people can load them to a size they can manage to carry. I foresee some issues for them moving a wheelie bin.
    Thousands of properties in brum are terraced. Many would struggle to access the back of their property. Thousands of wheelie bins would be left permanently shoved into what little space is available at the front of the houses, spoiling the front garden and uglifying our streets with industrial plastic,which would also be a target for moronic vandalism, including arson.
    We live in a terrace with a shared side alley. Personally I could manage to wheel them to the back of the house. However, I then have an issue with space- the only place I could put them would ruin the view from the living room window to the garden. Currently our dustbin is too low to spoil the view. I would constantly be reminded that this “solution” to a non-existent problem had been imposed on me.
    Fine for those with a detached or semi with a nice big front garden with easy access to the side or back of the house.
    Fine for those who do not care about the way things look in the built environment.
    Fine for those that like to feel unconstrained in their ever growing generation of waste.
    Fines for those who inadvertently put the wrong thing in the wrong bin, or leave the lid open a little.
    Big brother is wasting you.

    • Hi Patrick,

      Thank you for your comments- I’m sure that there are many other residents who agree with many of your points.
      Cllr. James MacKay, the Cabinet member who secured the bid, is coming to our meeting on 10th January 7-8.30.
      It will be a great opportunity for you and other residents to raise concerns.

      The meeting is 10th January 2013 7-8.30 at the Grove Road Social Club (next to the Red Lion in between the two tower blocks)
      Please ring me if you get lost! Karen 07814314609

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