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  1. I got on a 35 by All Saints’ Church a couple of months ago. Only going 2 stops to the Red Lion – my other half/carer walking because the bus was a bit full and we thought I’d be ok. I sat in the wheelchair seat with that big open area in front of my feet. At the stop opp Kgs Heath Park, a woman about my age (mid-50s) got on and announced to the whole bus ‘there are buggies getting on’. Young mum 1 with large buggy got on and went to the area with the 2 tip-up seats and told me to move. Now bear in mind I have a disabled bus pass, and was only going 2 stops and get claustrophobic if I have to go further back… I told her I was sitting in my seat and had a right to be there. She shouted at me. Young mum 2 got on and shouted that I was being rude to her friend. I pointed out that I wasn’t, and that I had been told to move but had a right to sit where I was sitting. She shouted at me ‘Move!’. I replied that there was plenty of space for her buggy in the space in front of my legs. She then rammed my arthritic knee with her buggy and ran over my feet. I told her that she should treat older people with more respect, and that it made women of my age sad when younger women treated us this way. She pushed the flat of her hand in the direction of my face and told me to shut up and that ‘this conversation is over’ and to get off the bus. Lucky my stop was coming up. When I got off, I was shaking like a leaf, and my husband had to take me to the Red Lion for a coffee and calm me down. I called the police. A very nice sergeant came to visit me a few hours later. I told her what had happened and gave a description of the 3 women. She said that kind of thing happens too often, but the police can’t really do anything, and I should contact Centro. I preferred to put it out of my mind, but I have done an interview with Victim Support about it for a research project, which I hope will be productive. I never go on the bus without my husband now – not even the 2 stops we thought would be safe enough… I was just beginning to try to go on buses alone, to build my confidence, having had things happen to me before. What a pity that people like that think they rule…

    • Hi Jan That’s sounds a dreadful exoerience have you contacted Centro yet ? We know a bus driver who suffers as well . Have a look at this survey – is it applicable and do you think it will help?

      Please let us know how you get on

      Best wishes Karen Osborne Brandwood Forum

      • Thank you. No I didn’t contact Centro – didn’t think it would help. I feel sorry for bus drivers – they do get a load of abuse and are alone in their cab and can’t do anything apart from stop the bus, which wouldn’t have helped in this case. I have contributed my story to the Victim Support research project which is ongoing, and hope that this will be productive. VS will be reporting their findings to police, transport companies, NHS – you name it, and have a lot more credibility than little me!

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