Land Grab Kings Road

This land is situated at the corner of Kings Terrace and Kings Road. It has been maintained by BCC  for years.

On the 5th October at 8.30 am three men turned up and erected this unsightly ‘fence’. Our local Councillors have informed us that they are ‘looking into this matter’ .

In the meantime Brandwood Forum, Karen Osborne has contacted the land Registry and found out that this is an attempt at a ‘land grab’. The perpetrator however might not realise that if he/she wishes to build on this land then they’ll have to wait for 12 years as this  is called ‘adverse possession’. We’re  hoping for a speedy resolve because Brandwood Councillor Barry Henley is on the City Council Planning Committee.

This issue will be raised at the next Forum meeting 8th November at Colmore School Library at 7pm.

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