Brandwood Centre gets big boost from the Big Lottery Fund

Fri, 2012-10-05 14:29 The Brandwood Centre received the excellent news that they have been awarded over £100,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to develop their ‘Train to Gain’ project. The ‘Train to Gain’ project aims to help the long term unemployed and single parents gain the skills that are necessary to apply for and secure a job. The project will deliver a comprehensive training programme to enhance their C.V. in order to improve their opportunities in life and increase their employability prospects. The Brandwood Centre is already a Jobcentre Plus Host, through this role the Centre offers unemployed people a placement which sees them shadow a member of staff and assist them with the running of the Centre and the various activities it holds each week. The development of the ‘Train to Gain’ project will build on the already excellent work the Brandwood Centre does with the community in helping people get back into work.

5 thoughts on “Brandwood Centre gets big boost from the Big Lottery Fund

  1. Congratulations! Wish you success with this project. We’re running a BIG-funded (Awards for All) Social Inclusion Project with IT, Tai Chi, outings and a Positive Minds emotional/mental wellbeing group. Would love to see some of your folks coming here and send some of our folks to you… Ring Jan Tchamani (Proj Co-ord) on 07832 234600 if interested in linking up…

    • To Grove Road Social Centre and Jan Tchamani
      Would you like to link your group to the new Brandwood Forum website? Please
      have a look
      We also have the Brandwood Forum meeting 11th October at Colmore Junior School 7-8.15.
      Please come along – you are more than welcome!

      • Hi – thanks so much for the invite. To be honest, we don’t go to a lot of meetings, though we’re going to the policing meeting on Weds. We’ve joined b14net today. We’re also a member of the Horticultural Hub and Bham Open Spaces forum, and we find that’s enough. That shouldn’t prevent us interacting tho, should it? If you google my name, you’ll see why I have to limit what I do… If you could manage to come for a coffee sometime, we could show you what we’re up to… Not being difficult – just have to look after my health. Hope to hear from you again

      • Hi Jan,Sorry to have missed you last night! I actually taught at Winson Green Ed dept 20 years was pretty bad then but sounds awful now.
        I totally understand about meetings so would you like to be kept posted about Brandwood Forum meetings? Please check out our new web site which enables you to post suggestions as to what you’d like to see improved in Brandwood. You might also want to add your Residents Gardening group to the site for other residents to look at and find out about.
        The web site address is and yes lets arrange a coffee! best wishes Karen Osborne, Chair

      • Hi Karen. Thank you for your kind reply. The policing meeting was really useful. Bob Jones, one of the candidates for Police Commissioner was there as well as Steve McCabe MP. One of the things they brought out was that the voting paper for Commissioner is very confusing: there are two columns to put crosses in and if you don’t put a cross in the left-hand column, your voting paper is invalid and your vote won’t count. Pass it on! Perhaps you’d like to come to one of our events sometime to meet the neighbours? We’re doing ‘double doodling’ (kind of Brain Gym) with Spring to Life CIC on Th 18 Oct from 1-3pm, or there’s Skittles Club on a Sat evening 7pm. Otherwise, perhaps you’d like to pop round for a coffee? We’re in Brandwood House. My email is … Have a good day!

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