New Inspector for Selly Oak Constituency

17 September 2012 POLICE in Selly Oak have  welcomed a new neighbourhood inspector to the constituency.  Inspector Simon Inglis began his new role this week having taken over responsibility for policing across Selly Oak from departing Inspector Richard Harris.

Inspector Inglis will oversee four teams of dedicated neighbourhood officers covering the Selly Oak, Bournville, Billesley and Brandwood wards. The Inspector is no stranger to the area having managed a variety of departments over the past four years in south Birmingham, including response, the contact centre, traffic and custody. He has also worked in both Coventry and Sutton Coldfield during his 16 year stint as a West Midlands Police officer and is relishing working with local communities in the Selly Oak constituency. Inspector Inglis said: “I am genuinely delighted to be the new neighbourhood Inspector for the Selly Oak Constituency and will work with local people to tackle and resolve local issues. “I am a true believer in working with partners and members of the local community and hope to be at the heart of numerous positive projects that will make a difference to local people, their neighbours and their families.

“Selly Oak Constituency offers the exciting challenge of working with young and old alike. Some will be overseas students, many of who will be residing in Selly Oak for the first time, whilst some will have lived and worked here for many years.” One of the first priorities for Inspector Inglis is to work with new and existing students moving back into the area for the start of a new university term. Inspector Inglis said: “The arrival of students from all across the world provides an exciting and dynamic landscape but one which also requires close partnership working to ensure that the area remains as safe as possible for all . “Late night patrols are already being planned for fresher’s week and we are working with university campuses and local landlords to share crime prevention advice and home security information.”

As well as students, the Inspector will endeavour to make himself known across all four Selly Oak wards and will be speaking to permanent residents at every available opportunity. He added: “Working together will all those living, visiting and working in all four wards is a great opportunity to continue the existing great work that is now delivering safer stronger communities in South Birmingham. “I will be working hard to ensure that all four of the neighbourhood teams under my supervision are putting the public first in everything they do, and we will be listening to local people at every opportunity.”