Re surfacing of roads in Brandwood by Amey

So far so good…but residents have raised a couple of issues

1) If  roads are being resurfaced then it  takes approximately 5 days for Amey to complete if there are no unforeseen problems –

Refuse collections of roads take place once in five days …. BCC and Amey need to coordinate the times of collections and ensure that rubbish is collected on designated days throughout the works programme .

2) Street lamps are being replaced and being moved about 1m to the side- a knowledgable resident informed us that this is to ensure operational lighting whilst lights are renewed.

Question: What will happen to the old lamp posts?
Brandwood Residents know/hear a few scrap men who come round at all times of the day!

Good Points

1) Amey is keeping residents informed by posters/street signs and letters .

2)It was good to see that Water services had been called out to double check a problem before top surface went on- not like the old days when the road would be renewed and then dug up afterwards by other services!