Public Question Time at City Council : Plans to regulate Private Landlords?

I was invited to ask my  question to the City Council Meeting 12th June.

My question is whether or not the City Council had any plans to develop new laws which will help regulate private landlords ie responsible letting .

Currently, if anti social tenants are in social housing, then neighbours have a right to complain to the Social Landlord . For private home owners, who find themselves living next door to a privately rented house with anti social tenants , they have very little power or means to complain unless the property is let by an agency.

I speak from experience, having had several years of series of anti social tenants who moved into a house next door: I actually put my house on the market because I felt so distraught with the situation and powerless to do anything. Eventually the tenants moved out but I live in trepidation as to who the next tenants will be….

This seems a totally unfair situation: that private landlords are not  held responsible for 1)behaviour of tenants 2) upkeep of property/garden .

I personally believe that this issue is one which  affects many people lives and one which if the City Council did try to resolve, would really help the overall quality of lives for 1000’s of homeowners currently suffering  in Birmingham.

Councillor James McKay responded with sincerity and has invited me to the Council Hosue to discuss the isssue more. I will keep residents posted!