New speed signs on Brandwood Road

Brandwood Road , speeding and ‘cars jumping the lights’ were some of the issues raised by residents at the recent Brandwood Residents meeting. Brandwood Forum Speeding Ambassador, Kristian Wilkes is so fed up with the situation that he has created a blog about this issue and there is a petition which he’d like other residents to sign.

All three  Brandwood Ward Councillors were at the Brandwood Residents meeting , Mike Leddy, Barry Henley and Eva Phillips . Cllrs Leddy and Henley informed us that 6 new speed signs were actually being installed within the next few weeks and that on Bells Lane there are some new zebra crossings.

Unfortunately the request of  installing a camera at the Moneyhull Hall Road lights, is not being considered at the moment. The Chair, Karen Osborne,  suggested that concerned residents contact the Brandwood Neighbourhood team about volunteering to be speed loggers. The Police used to train local residents to use the equipment to log the speeds- we’re not sure if they still offer this so please ask them.

2 thoughts on “New speed signs on Brandwood Road

  1. I was really pleased to see police out monitoring speeds in Brandwood this evening. Thank you for looking into this for us. I hope it has an impact and something is done to make the road safer.

    • Hi Kate, yes we think the new speed signs on Brandwood Road seem to be working well,
      although some residents feel there could be a few more.
      If there are any particular roads which are bad for speeding please let us know!

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