Road Marking suggestions for Brandwood Ward collected over the last year by residents

Brandwood Forum has collated a list of residents suggestions for road marking within the Brandwood Ward . Please add to this list if you have other suggestions. This list was given to the Cllr in charge in the last council , so we’re not sure who has this role now !

1. 99 Moneyhull Hall Road
2. 191 Moneyhull Hall Road /keynall court/- grass verges
3. Lindsworth Road shops
4. 71 Moneyhull Hall road
5. Top of Partons Road next to Wilmott Dixon
6. Yellow lines in front of bungalows (top right Partons road) but need disabled markings?
7. Tescos Express Alcester road – right hand side of entrance/exit
8. Road markings – island by One Stop Shop
9. Top of Priory Road both sides (Bournville Ward)
10. Yellow lines:  entrance to Premier Court
11.   Double yellow both sides of top of Kings Road
12 .  Zebra crossing at Vicarage road need repainting

13. Double yellow line both sides of top of Meadfoot Road