Ideas for improving Vicarage Road Shopping Area

Brandwood  Forum organised a ‘walkabout’ 17th May.  This area of shops is actually part of the Bournville Ward but used by many Brandwood residents and as a result, Brandwood Residents Forum hope that the Bournville Ward Councillors will look at the concerns raised.

Unfortunately both Bournville  and Brandwood councillors had another meeting to attend and sent their apologies . However several key local agency partners met with residents to discuss the concerns which included:

1) Several large areas of  potholes which are hazardous for residents in wheelchairs and mobility scooters . The reason for the potholes is that the surface is not suitable for parking and as a result will continue to disintegrate as long as vehicles park infront.

Street Services will deep clean this area early morning when all the shopowners vehicles are not there and  the depth of these potholes can be assessed properly. Amey will then issue safety enforcement notices to shop owners but in actual fact this is difficult to ‘enforce’.

2) The parking of vans and cars infront of shops which  reverse/drive over pavements  onto Vicarage Road.

One resident suggested that if cars/vans could not park infront, then the livelihood of the shops would be reduced and that the cars parked on pavements actually helped slow traffic down . Another  resident did not agree with this comment and  asked why there couldn’t be an  inset parking bay here like the majority of other shopping areas in Birmingham.

3) Faint and redundant road markings – what zebra crossing? The street works programme will not be known until 1st June. BF will contact Bournville & Brandwood Councillors about this.

4) Litter and bins – currently there are only two for aprox 17 shops.  New bins will be sited   in the near future. It was commented that some of the shopowners in this area do not seem to care about making this a more attractive area for people to shop. Street Operations are contacting shop owners to encourage them to take more ownership of some of the litter which their business creates and will be giving out litter pickers!

5) The parking of vans at the top of Kings Road (Brandwood Ward) both sides which block drivers views .  It was suggested that this actually slows drivers down and was OK. This is not OK if you are the driver trying to turn left or right out onto Vicarage Road. Virtually invisible road markings need renewing.

9 thoughts on “Ideas for improving Vicarage Road Shopping Area

  1. Having lived on Fordhouse Lane and latterly on Monyhull Grange for 18 years, I can attest that the parking situation in front of these shops is bonkers (technical term 🙂 ). I have seen near misses frequently, as a pedestrian, driver and when trying to park at these shops (which, by the way, should be rightly praised as excellent local businesses). Parking of this kind was probably okay in the 1950s but since then, it’s simply a hazard. There should be adequate, safe, in-line parking by these shops, with proper controls over the duration, and without anyone needing to drive over pavements. The proprietors should have a parking area with a driveway. I am sure that funding provision for these works could be found from a variety of sources as they would benefit local business, highway safety and pedestrians. Having drivers parking both perpendicularly to the shops and road, and also then parking on the roadside, leading to vehicles pulling out (sometimes reversing out) across a pavement onto a trunk road, could not possibly be approved if the current arrangements were to come before a planning authority in 2012.

    • Thanks for your wise comments. Let’s hope that the Bournville Councillors respond and help make this area safer for all residents from all wards!!

  2. As a powered wheelchair user the footpaths are really terrible, no-one thinks of people like me who have to suffer the bumps and potholes in the footpaths, every time i have to go to the shops on Vicarage road i have to suffer the agony getting to the shops and back, then i am in pain then for the rest of the day.

    • Robert, Many thanks for coming the other day.. We were amazed at how bad the potholes are in this area, that with the uneven pedestrian area and cars parked everywhere, really do make it hazardous for anyone in a wheelchair like yourself, for other mobility users and for mum and prams. Let’s hope the Councillors/council will make it better for residents like most other shopping areas.

  3. I live on kings road and have seen many accidents in front of the shops. A designated parking bay is a great idea. The crossing also needs to be re-painted.

  4. As a Billesley resident I agree it could do with a ‘tidy up’.
    Say something like the bay outside £ stretcher next to Sainsburys. But you would not get as many car spaces—-

    • Hi Miriam,
      Thank you for leaving a comment.yes we agree that there would not be as much parking space but it seems that the majority of the cars are owned by the shop keepers!
      We think that there maybe space behind..

  5. 1) I cannot see any point in getting worked up about the present parking issue in front of the few shops in Vicarage Road because the situation is due to change dramatically when the car showroom and workshop area is changed into a shop, etc. probably in a few months time. The impact of dozens of additional cars attempting to park in the area will make present conditions much worse.

    The area currently available for shoppers and callers is very small, most of the available parking space is taken up by shopkeepers and staff. This is why the ‘NO PARKING’ road markings are often ignored.

    Maybe making the pedestrian walkway much closer to the shop fronts and keeping the cars away from the shop fronts would reduce the risk of someone being injured.

    • Hi Frank ,
      Thank you for your comments about this area . You may or not know that although the new Co op application has been passed
      they have up to 3 years to build it. In the meantime there seem to be more and more cars parking /reversing etc
      Yes we are in agreement with you about creating inset parking and putting the pedestrian area closer to the shops… you are right- the owners are the ones who park there as well.

      We are actually trying to lobby the council to help sort this out..

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